Hey, guess what? I'm back.

I got back into fanlistings, so why not back into LJ? ;)

I'm considering changing my name to fandomsavant, but I don't know. I've been known by this name for so long.
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Checking in

Are any of my people still using LJ? I've been considering coming back, at least enough to be able to comment on OhNoTheyDidnt and whatnot.
color me badd

So... how are ya, LiveJournal?

I know I've been gone quite a while, haven't I? I hope all has been well with my people here. :)

I have a couple of big news items, myself! Firstly, Mike and I are buying a home... it's been a headache, but I know it's worth it. Emily is in love with having more room to play, and a yard! We were there during an inspection a couple weeks ago, and she just ran all over the place. ;) I am very much looking forward to gardening! WOO!

Secondly... 3/4 of Color Me Badd have reunited! Guess who's missing? Yeah. Sam. Just my luck, right? ha ha.

So... umm... my Color Me Badd fansite (colormebadd.net) is the official site of the group as of June 07, 2011, when Kevin and Mark called and asked me.

Yeah. I almost passed out, y'all... no joke.

Tamme (Kevin's wife) sent me a message saying Kevin wanted to talk to me about the website, and I was like "oh, they must want the domain name," so I was preparing myself to give up the fansite so they could have it.

Umm... no. They wanted it like it was, with me included, and just add on "official" type stuff when it happens (tour dates, new photos, etc). DUDE!!

So, yeah, they're listing colormebadd.net as their website on stuff now, and it gets me all school-girly. ;)
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100 Movies in 2010

Last year, I made it to 78 films. Not too bad, but I'd really like to reach 100 this year. I'm getting an earlier start this time, so it should be doable.

snagged from: sometimescrazy (in 2009)

Rules and Guidelines:

1. Watch 100 movies or more in 2010.
2. Keep track of how many I watch.
3. First time movies only.

Rating System:
1 = Hated it.
2 = Didn't really care for it. (Not great, but parts are okay)
3 = Liked it.
4 = Really liked it.
5 = Loved it so much.

I reserve the right to tack on a .5, or a + for some. Also, I will edit the date as I add titles on, just to keep this a fresh topic. ;)

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Adrien serious

5 things I'm thankful for

01. Being off from school until May 11
02. ...and therefore working on websites, and watching movies, guilt-free
03. finally owning Barenaked Ladies' new album
04. getting a replacement W-2
05. Mike's accountant friend