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So... how are ya, LiveJournal?

I know I've been gone quite a while, haven't I? I hope all has been well with my people here. :)

I have a couple of big news items, myself! Firstly, Mike and I are buying a home... it's been a headache, but I know it's worth it. Emily is in love with having more room to play, and a yard! We were there during an inspection a couple weeks ago, and she just ran all over the place. ;) I am very much looking forward to gardening! WOO!

Secondly... 3/4 of Color Me Badd have reunited! Guess who's missing? Yeah. Sam. Just my luck, right? ha ha.

So... umm... my Color Me Badd fansite ( is the official site of the group as of June 07, 2011, when Kevin and Mark called and asked me.

Yeah. I almost passed out, y'all... no joke.

Tamme (Kevin's wife) sent me a message saying Kevin wanted to talk to me about the website, and I was like "oh, they must want the domain name," so I was preparing myself to give up the fansite so they could have it.

Umm... no. They wanted it like it was, with me included, and just add on "official" type stuff when it happens (tour dates, new photos, etc). DUDE!!

So, yeah, they're listing as their website on stuff now, and it gets me all school-girly. ;)
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