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5 things I'm thankful for

01. Getting a break from school when this class ends! WOOT!
02. Finally renewing my LJ paid account.
03. ...and userpic add-on. ;)
04. LogoTV - yep.
05. Emily, Mike, Momm, and Maggie <-- aka, "the usual"
Adrien serious

10 things I'm thankful for

01. Heading out with Mike and Emily today, after being cooped up with the sickies.

02. "Waiting For My Rocket To Come" (Jason Mraz), one of my favorite albums of all time for a reason. I'd nearly forgotten...

03. how good "Who Needs Shelter" is.

04. Seth Green.

05. The fanlistings I own.

06. Emily, Mike, Momm, Maggie <-- the usual.

07. Twitter.

08. Facebook.

09. Live Journal.

10. love.
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Firefox people

Can you seriously not decide where to save something, and what to name it, or are there just settings I need to fix?
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why I gotta waste his flava? DAMN!

So, there's this guy on Twitter, claiming to be Seth Green, and pulling in innocent fans who think they're really conversing with the man himself.

I knew immediately he was NOT Seth, for a few reasons:

01. His spelling, grammar, etc. suck SO badly, and most Seth fans know he's a much more coherent writer than that.

02. Many of his answers to fan questions were outright wrong.

03. He's about as douchey as the "Entourage" version of Seth.

04. Seth has stated he has little to no interest in joining Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, etc.

So, yeah... I may have reported him to @cyborgturkey (Robot Chicken Twitter, the closest you'll get to Seth on there), and yeah, they may have called him out publicly, and told him to delete his account.

*whistles innocently*

*green cape flaps in the breeze*
Clare and Seth 01


I may have applied been approved for a fanlisting in the Relationships: Real Life category, but you can't prove it. *whistles to self*

Seth/Clare fanlisting is coming soon! :)
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10 things I'm thankful for

01. Jason Mraz's Grammy wins! It's about bloody time!
02. Emily's laugh.
03. Mike with Emily.
04. My mommy.
05. Seth Green & Clare Grant (their happiness makes me happy).
06. My popcorn maker.
07. Michael Jackson.
08. Pink (aka, P!nk, aka Alecia Moore).
09. Owning "This is It" on DVD and Blu-Ray!
10. A new layout for the Seth Green fanlisting, honoring #5. ;)
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part one of two: 2009 in review

This was a year of ups and downs, for sure.
  • Of course, the first thing I need to mention is Thursday, June 25. Easily the worst day of my life up to this point. Michael Jackson has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember (literally), and the loss has been absolutely devastating.

  • On the positive side, I finally grew up a bit this year: I earned my GED (high school equivalency, in other words), a driver's license, and went back to college (the University of Phoenix, specifically).

  • I picked up a new hobby obsession this year, which is makeup. I studied YouTube tutorials to learn techniques, and then started getting into formulating my own mineral cosmetics. Very fun. :) I'm hoping to start a little business with it soon.

  • My resolution, of sorts, was to watch 100 movies in 2009. I made it to 77. Not too shabby. ;)

  • I'll post more reflections soon, but those are the ones I wanted to get down. ;)
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movies in 2009

EDIT: I decided to re-date this as I go, so it'll be easier to find and edit.

snagged from: sometimescrazy

Rules and Guidelines:

1. Watch 100 movies or more in 2009.
2. Keep track of how many I watch.
3. First time movies only.

Rating System:
1 = Hated it.
2 = Didn't really care for it. (Not great, but parts are okay)
3 = Liked it.
4 = Really liked it.
5 = Loved it so much.

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those I'm hoping to see:
Manhattan (#1 at this point)
Match Point
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Iron Man
To Kill a Mockingbird
Finding Neverland
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The X-Files: I Want to Believe

agreement with some above